Chrome Browser - Cyber Attach Target


Halloween is meant to be fun! However, this news released by Google is downright frightening; about another ZERO-DAY vulnerability. You need to update your Google Chrome browser immediately. This news meets the theme for FRIGHT NITE!  In a Halloween fright night announcement, Google discloses a Zero-Day Vulnerability. This announcement releases information identifying Google Chrome cyber vulnerabilities; putting Millions of devices at risk!  

“Google is aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2019-13720 exists in the wild,” Google Chrome security team said in a blog post. Is there nothing sacred anymore?  Not in the digital world. This is a great move for a developer to be documenting their vulnerabilities on their blog.  It is a good thing that others like Forbes also pickup and publicize the news getting the information out to the public at large. 

The boring details that the few want to know! When developers create massive programs like Chrome there is 1000’s of lines of software code. This inevitably can expose the program to attack when clever and malicious Threat-Actors (those with criminal intent to steal your information), learn of these bugs which allow them to use the ‘software bug’ to gain access to computer systems running the program through the application bugs (vulnerabilities). Google along with many security testers (good guy – White Hat Hacker) organizations test, discover and report these bugs and vulnerabilities. The software owner will develop a fix (patch) to correct the software bug in their software to close the loophole (vulnerability).

The moral of this story: You need to be vigilant in this assault against vulnerabilities. Organized Cyber Criminals are using to target user systems for data theft for profit.  Most importantly keep your software and security patches up to date. (When you see a little Red Arrow in the Top right corner click on it to update your Chrome browser.)

Stay Safe and Secure.
Jeff S Brodie

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