Businesses across the Greater Toronto Area are moving from their legacy PBX phone systems to a much better option: a VoIP “over-the-internet” phone system.

That’s because of the significant savings, abundant productivity features, and straightforward configurations that modern VoIP solutions deliver. Consider the advantages of this exceptionally efficient telecom solution for today’s cutthroat, fast-moving global marketplace.


  • Programmable digital receptionist and IVR
  • Easy to use web-based management console
  • Integration with your email and CRM systems
  • Voicemails and faxes sent directly to your email
  • Fast, secure video conferencing from any device
  • Call-forwarding by caller ID, date and time, and more


  • Reduced phone cabling requirements and costs
  • Access from anywhere for both Android & iOS users
  • Existing IT infrastructure and hardware can be used
  • Existing office telephone extensions can be used, too
  • Better manageability and far fewer technical support issues
  • Improved customer service from fast, “smart” call queueing

VoIP: Easy to Manage/ Easy to Expand/ Easy to Afford/
Easy to Access/ Easy to Use

If convenience, scalability, cost savings, mobility, and efficiency sound like things that your business would benefit from, then you’ll appreciate a VoIP system for your telecommunications needs…. And leaving your traditional PBX telephone system has never been easier thanks to Codefusion Communications Inc.’s easy-to-use, feature-rich, and affordable “over the internet” solutions.