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You need to implement Multi-Factor authentication to protect your critical business data and cloud services.

Have you implemented 2FA yet? Let’s begin with what is Muti-Factor or 2 Factor authentications. The simplest definition is; something you know like a password and something you have like a USB token, SMS text, authenticator app on your cell phone.  The best 2-factor authentication process is the one you will use.  Any 2FA is […]

Your FAV browser is under attack – Google Zero-Day vulnerability UNDER ATTACK!

Halloween is meant to be fun! However, this news released by Google is downright frightening; about another ZERO-DAY vulnerability. You need to update your Google Chrome browser immediately. This news meets the theme for FRIGHT NITE!  In a Halloween fright night announcement, Google discloses a Zero-Day Vulnerability. This announcement releases information identifying Google Chrome cyber vulnerabilities; […]

Are you teaching your employees to keep their eyes open? Cyber Security Awareness Training.

The US FBI Agency has issued a Public Service Announcement on High Impact Cyber Attack Warning and the threat it poses to its national security and business world. October has been dedicated to Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Cyber is all things digital, all things connected which means an office, the internet, telecommunications, video streaming and […]