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The US FBI Agency has issued a Public Service Announcement on High Impact Cyber Attack Warning and the threat it poses to its national security and business world.

October has been dedicated to Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Cyber is all things digital, all things connected which means an office, the internet, telecommunications, video streaming and you got it, even the traffic systems.  While automation in the digital world has provided us with many conveniences like instant communications around the globe, the latest information on world economics and when your child has arrived at school through GPS tracking of smartphones.  There are two sides to the blade, so to speak, one is good and one side can be devastating, the question is how do we protect ourselves?

I recall in a Karate lesson where our Sensei (instructor) said “a punch doesn’t hurt any less with your eyes closed. However, with your eyes closed you do not have an opportunity to avoid that punch nor do you have an opportunity to counter that move”.  Cyber Security Awareness month is about keeping your eyes open and realizing that we are dealing with an ongoing attack coming from all sides.  The best defence is not just a good offence it is truly a good understanding of what the threat is.  Our best defense is a prepared and trained front line.  Our employees are on the front line dealing with these threats, and unless we as leaders take an active role in helping them get educated, there will be holes that can and will hurt us.

Use October to help your team get educated about Cyber Security and how to spot an attack.  Not everyone will get it right the first go-around, however, repeat education which raises awareness in your organization is the first step to protecting your company.  Education along with a sound Cyber Security strategy including education, testing, tools and monitoring will help to fortify your organization against common attacks.  This reminds me of an old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Stay Safe and Secure.

Jeff S Brodie, Managing Partner – Codefusion Communications Inc.

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