Cyber Security

An FBI Cybercrime presenter stated: There are two types of companies; companies hacked in the next 12 months, and companies breached already! If you were compromised today; are you prepared to deal with the security incident? If the answer is no, or I don’t know! we need to talk.


Cyber Security awareness is a culture that all organizations must embrace, live and breath. The Cyber Security culture is started in the board room and demonstrated as a core business value; this top-down approach tends to make the culture stick. Our solutions focus on:



Provide comprehensive cybersecurity awareness and training programs to educate employees about cyber threats, safe online practices, and incident response procedures, improving their knowledge and ability to identify and respond to potential security risks.


Develop and enforce robust security policies and procedures that outline guidelines for access controls, data handling, incident response, remote working, and acceptable technology use. Regularly review and update these policies to align with evolving threats and compliance requirements.


Deploy firewalls, antivirus, encryption, and regular updates to protect systems. Use intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS) and data loss prevention (DLP) tools for network and endpoint security, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats.


Our cybersecurity solutions developed on AI-Driven Deep learning firewalls, threat detection systems, mobile device management, Social engineering/Phishing training, protection/evaluations, central device encryption and content filtering to protect your devices, your network from attacks, ransomware, and spam. The tools identify external threats before they have a chance to breach your defences and wreak havoc.

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Will add Review about Codefusion’s cyber Security solutions


Will add Review about Codefusion’s cyber Security solutions